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Project Management

Those who plan do better than those who do not plan. To provide practical training in how to plan, implement, and reflect on a specific project related to business, along with peers, supervisors, and the surrounding factors decide upon, and which is based on your business domain.



To be equipped and empower the learners with the necessary tools to manage projects on time and within any allocated budget. It also designed to develop both project management skills and insights, while empowering the learners with the necessary tools and techniques to successfully deliver any project.


  • Introduction to Project Management,
  • Project Design,
  • Project Planning and Resource Planning and Budgeting,
  • Risk Management, Stake Holders Management, and
  • Implementation Management.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Course period learners should be able to:

  • Describe Project Management.
  • Manage the scope, cost, timing, and quality of the project.
  • Identify project goals, constraints, deliverables, performance criteria, control needs, and resource requirements in consultation with stakeholders.
  • Implement project management knowledge, processes and lifecycle and the embodied concepts, tools and techniques in order to achieve project success.
  • Adapt projects in response to issues that arise internally and externally.
  • Utilize technology tools for communication, collaboration, information management, and decision support.
  • Implement general business concepts, practices, and tools to facilitate project success.
  • Adapt project management practices to meet the needs of stakeholders from multiple sectors of the economy (i.e. consulting, government, arts, media, and charity organizations).


2 Days or 16 Hours
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