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Building colleges and hiring staff are worthless if there is no strong underlying mandate to create knowledge-based economy in the society and effect transformation not only at national level but at individual level. Real demand for skills, knowledge and competencies means real demand for education will naturally emerge. Student, parents and economic players are looking for solution providers to help acquire and/or build the much-needed skills, knowledge, and competencies to be players and partakers in opportunities that become available.

Education is nectar of life

LBC believe that “Education is nectar of life” and a drive of both social and national changes. The Late former president of the Republic of South Africa, the Late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela once said “Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor; that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine; that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.” It is in these words of Mandela that LBC believes that an investment in education is investment in either oneself or national social security and further human capital needed to drive agendas of the nation. It is why LBC is always willing to join the hands with academia, businesses and Governments to play meaningful role in education.

LBC’s effective education system, programmes, learning and teaching styles will be inclusive to arm our students with critical and creative thinking to develop better skills that they need in real life situations in the corporate world. Our programmes are intended to build strong corporate leadership acumen and insightfulness.


LBC is a private education training provider which was established on 8 December 2017 to provide quality education and training to the nation of Botswana and globe at large. The college evolved originates from what formerly known as E-Zone training institute which had been registered as training and consultant service provider since 2008.



I would like to introduce you to Logan Business College (LBC). LBC evolved from an institute formerly known as E-Zone. The college is registered and accredited as an Education Training Provider (ETP) by Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) accreditation number ETP0121. The college believes “Education is the Nectar of Life” hence why we believe in offering programmes that are relevant to trends and requirements of the business environment, while adhering to the highest quality standards. We have forged partnerships with and/or are regulated by both local and international institutions and bodies. Our partners and regulators include the following:

  • Botswana Qualification Authority
  • CompTiA Authorised Partner
  • Expect Rating
  • Quick Books
  • ICDL
  • ISO and other Certification Services
  • VTC

As a college, we have taken cognisance of the fact that the business landscape is rapidly changing and hence the need to create requisite skills for defence, survival and competitiveness. Some of the drivers of these rapid changes are; (1) artificial intelligence which disrupts how things are done because of digitisation and technology, (2) heightening impacts of globalisation which continues to effect change in the needs of customers, and (3) changes in age strata of the workforce where workforce becoming younger and challenging the traditional career models. These are the challenges that executives will continue to contend with. This has created the need to create highly talented think-tankers for the organisation while retaining talent becomes crucial. Whether you are a corporate organisation looking to enhance or up-skill your workforce, or an individual looking for career programmes or to build certain skills, we assure you that we are a partner that will work the journey with you. We will help you build and acquire skills to help you become competitive and competent. We have also purposed ourselves to participate in helping our government in its endeavour to building a knowledge based economy by ensuring that our programmes offer skills that are relevant to the needs of the economy while maintaining global competitiveness.

I, therefore invite you to visit LBC for your needs and I am very confident that our teams of capable men and women will ensure that your needs are met. I am looking forward to interacting with my peers at the executive level of different organisations and hearing from you how LBC has helped you to transform your workforce. Trust us and send your people to benefit from one of our programmes . Allow me in advance to thank you for this trust to help with your transformation and say to you come and build the nectar of your life with us.


To be the best college providing qualifications that transform lives in our local and global community.


To provide excellent, sustainable, accessible and portable education for life long, grounded and critical thinking students who are inspired and transformed for local and global community.


L Lifelong learning for enthusiastic and independent critical thinkers.

O One College One Team.

G Graduate students for professional success.

A Accessible balanced learning excellence.

N Nurturing new knowledge in response to rapidly changing world.


We as management of LBC come from various experiences, philosophies, backgrounds and geographic regions, however we share strong common denominator which is to attain “Inclusive Growth via Quality Education”, “Learner Wellbeing Model of Education “, “ Improve sustainability in Education”, and “Creation of Knowledge Organization with Positive Values”. We believe in diversity of thinking and are conscious to the fact that it is diversity that brings about better products and services for those we serve. We believe in adherence to the highest standards to regulatory frameworks and partnership quality efficiency.

  • Building continuous trust as an antecedent of College Loyalty and Reputation
  • Empowering learners and trainers through people-centric practices
  • Leadership intervenes only when change is warranted, or a conflict occurs.
  • Merit-based performance management
  • Management by exception is the rule in academic matters
  • Proactive measures for talent attraction and retention
  • Promotion of innovation and excellence
  • Participatory and involving decision making process

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We do offer a range of short courses from IT, Business, Management and Accounting domains.

We do offer a range of short courses from IT, Business, Management and Accounting domains.

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